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What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is much like “physical therapy,” but rather than treating the muscles of the body, it works on the eyes and visual system. It is an invaluable tool that has changed not only our patients’ vision, but has improved many related areas of their lives as well.  Individualized treatment programs utilize optical equipment and activities to develop visual skills until they become automatic.  Read what some of our patients have achieved after just 16 hours of treatment.

The first step of a vision therapy program is a thorough evaluation to determine if vision therapy is the appropriate course of treatment for the diagnosis. Having had extensive experience treating patients of all ages, our doctor easily makes our younger patients comfortable during this evaluation. Binocular Vision Disorders can be the result of a developmental delay, concussion, acquired brain injury, Lyme Disease or stroke.

Research has shown that vision therapy can be instrumental in helping increase visual attention span for reading, allowing patients of all ages to enjoy learning and become more confident, productive and happier people.  

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How Long Does Treatment Take?

There are many factors that determine and affect how long it will take to correct a Binocular Vision Disorder.  Based on a patient's medical history, diagnosis and age, Dr. Kotlicky will be able to provide an accurate estimate of how many hours of Vision Therapy are needed.  Like any therapy program, patient attendance and compliance are critical to getting the desired results.

As reported by patients and by parents of our school aged patients as they progress:

After 16 hours of Vision Therapy

“Read 15 words per minute 6 weeks ago when tested in school.  Last Friday she read 55 words per minute when tested in school!”  8 year old

“Reading on a 2nd grade level the marking period before starting vision therapy – now after one marking period, jumped to 3rd grade level reading.” 9 year old

“8 weeks of vision therapy has done more than all 3 years of tutoring.  Since Harry started therapy he has had more confidence in himself.  After 12 visits, he started reading out loud to us, which he hated to do before.  According to Harry, the words have stopped moving around and they don’t go upside down anymore.  He writes neater and is enthusiastic about participating in class.”   10 year old

“Reading is easier and fun.  School is sooo much easier to manage. Moved into AP classes and doing well in all of them. SAT scores improved tremendously.” 17 year old

His reading is more fluent, doesn’t skip/make-up words.  Handwriting has improved.” 7 year old

“Can read for extended periods of time without experiencing the fatigue that used to present itself in as little as 5 minutes.  He no longer uses his finger as a pointer.” 9 year old

River’s grades shot up – All As & Bs, 1 C. She received the most improved award – all this occurred in one month of therapy.  She is reading confidently and teacher reported that her self-esteem shot up.” 8 year old

“No longer complains of blurred vision and double vision.  Headaches are very rare now. Dizziness gone.”  10 year old

“More eager to write.  Shea has gone from a reading  level A to D.  He can identify sight words.  His handwriting is smaller and legible.”  6 year old

“Appears to be more relaxed and confident in her schoolwork.  She has noticed that she is reading more smoothly and quickly.”  9 year old

“Headaches have virtually disappeared. Blurry and double vision much better.” 10 year old

"Improvements in classroom & grades, teachers say more focused and longer attention span, noticed increased confidence and participation.  Writing has improved, can stay in straight line now."  7 year old

“He  is able to catch a ball now!  He doesn’t squint or squeeze his eyes together after reading at night.”  8 year old

 "Decided to stop medication completely after discussing with teachers because behavior was the same without it. Headaches gone :)" 12 year old

“My daughter is reading books on her own for enjoyment.  She begs me to allow her to stay up date to read.  We are thrilled with her progress.” 8 year old

“He enjoys reading now and doesn’t try to avoid it. He’s much quicker to pick up a book and actually starts reading the words on his own, without just looking at the pictures.” 6 year old

“Has fewer headaches, less double vision and wants to read!”  8 year old

“I do read better and pay attention in school better and easier.  Improvement overall.”  17 year old

“I have noticed that Clifton likes to read more.  He actually talks about how he seems to be focusing more and that he thinks he is reading faster.  We noticed that he isn’t transposing his numbers like he used to.  He enjoys coming to vision therapy because he thinks it helps.  He isn’t getting headaches anymore.”  10 year old

“His reading is much more fluid – he can read longer before losing his place or becoming fatigued.  He is also beginning to improve in his comprehension of math problems – even doing some independently, which never happened prior to VT.” 8 year old

“Easier to see baseballs and distance of things.  Easier to read because the words are not shaking as much.” 10 year old

“I am reading better in less time and not missing my place as much.” 14 year old

“Have noticed that Franklin spends more of his free time reading than before.  Have not had to ask him to read his 20 min/day.  He is doing it on his own.”  9 year old

“She’s much more confident than she had been before treatment, not just in reading, but in general.  She can read for longer periods and is willing to read independently.  She doesn’t hate school like she did.  She reads quicker than before and is more sure of herself.” 6 year old

“I have noticed that he no longer becomes frustrated with his homework.  He is now eager to get the assignment complete and needs less assistance.  I also see an improvement regarding his comprehension.  Before starting the vision therapy sessions, if there were 10 questions on a page, he would require assistance to comprehend about 8 of them.   Now he usually only needs assistance on 1 or 2, and as you start to explain, he gets it right away.” 8 year old

“Easier to focus now.  She has gone from Cs and Ds to all As.” 11 year old

“His reading has improved.  His frustration level has decreased significantly.  He has gone up 2 reading levels.”  8 year old

“His oral reading has improved ENORMOUSLY- he is reading faster, more smoothly and more accurately.”  9 year old

“She is always walking around with books, walks and reads, and reads everything for at least 40 min.  She has been reading 3-4 books per day, chapter books like A to Z mysteries and Magic Treehouse.”  8 year old

“She is more excited about reading books.  She has just started school at Waldorf, as before she was homeschooled.  She is happy about their library and loaning books each week.”
8 year old

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After 32 hours of Vision Therapy

“No problems with staying awake while reading.  No more headaches or eyestrain.  I don’t lose my place wile reading and I don’t have to re-read for comprehension.” 21 year old

“He is now the best problem solver in class!! No headaches, no frustrations when doing homework.” 9 year old

“Math seems easier.  Enjoys reading now.” 10 year old

“Ever since I started therapy I read much faster, I no longer squint. I can read for longer periods of time without becoming fatigued.  Text no longer moves. I re-read far less in order to comprehend text.”  14 year old

"Aidan has been off his stimulant and is doing very well with learning.” 7 year old

 “Reading is much easier and I do not fall asleep when I read.  Because of the reading problem, a short attention span is still present but much easier to ignore because of the ability to sit and successfully read for longer periods of time.”  19 year old

“Reading grade went from B to A.  Teacher comment on Report Card said Quinn’s comprehension of written text is excellent.” 10 year old

“The reading specialist is impressed with how much progress she has made.” 8 year old

“His teachers decided to move him to the advanced level of reading and Spanish language arts.  We’re reviewing his IEP plan next week.”  10 year old

“Victoria indicates she can read much faster and the words are no longer blurry.  The other night I had to ask her 3 times to stop reading and take a shower.  This has never happened before. She now loves to read!!” 11 year old

“I can read without getting stressed and mad.”  16 year old

“Close work not as frustrating as previously.  His trouble with copy work has diminished greatly.  Much better attitude toward homework, has a much higher tolerance for it.” 8 year old

“Much improvement in school behavior, more focused and better accuracy.  His handwriting has dramatically improved. (All the school staff have commented) He is calmer at home and deals with frustration better. 6 year old

“My daughter reports she can see the words better. The print isn’t moving around anymore like it used to.” 10 year old

“Teresa’s handwriting is improving.  She forms her letters closer together and smaller.  For the first time this year she has moved up 1 level in reading group to on grade level!” 8 year old

“After she reads, she no longer emerges angry or frustrated.  She is happy and actually very eager to discuss the book – even excited to share what she read.” 12 year old
“Tyler has not had a headache in 2 months!!  His recent report card showed improvements in every subject, including spelling and reading.  Bs went to As and in spelling, his D went to a C.  In reading, Tyler is now on grade level!!” 10 year old
“Her progress has been phenomenal.  She has become a more confident reader and spends more time reading now than she has in the past 3 year.  The books that she chooses are more advanced as well.”  9 year old

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After 48 hours of Vision Therapy

“Alexios’ reading has improved significantly.  He is also able to track his place as he reads and read for longer periods.  He no longer reverses his letters.  In all, we are extremely pleased with the improvements he’s made since beginning  VT.” 7 year old
“5th grade grades were As, Bs and Cs.  6th grade was straight As.  Went from reading  5 pages of appropriate lever reading material to reading at least 20 pages in one sitting.  No longer has excessive head tilt, no more laborious reading.”  11 year old
“Rachel is not complaining of headaches anymore.  Her reading speed and comprehension have greatly improved.”  7 year old
“Ben has been reading voraciously!  Reading is now Ben’s favorite thing to do!” 8 year old
“All grade went up a grade level on last report card!!” 13  year old
“We started vision therapy over the summer.  She was placed in a special reading group at the beginning of the school year, but was moved back to the rest of the class by December.  Tremendous progress, reading more books on her own and more advanced books.  She has progressed from 15 words per minute to more than 70 words per minute.”  7 year old
“Ethan is now reading for enjoyment.  He is working on the second Harry Potter book.  He will now sit and read 60 – 70 pages In one sitting!  Ethan has been taken off meds and his teachers never noticed.”  9 year old
“Megan does not have to go to special reading group to receive extra help this year! One level above grade level for reading now.” 7 year old
“I continue to have improvement in being able to read smaller print and computer monitor, and also less strain when grocery shopping, though still some strain.   My eyes still get “stuck” with up-close work – it takes a while for them to readjust when looking up.  Overall, I am very pleased with my improvement.  I can function now.” 37 year old
“Reading skills and speed have increased greatly.  Piano note reading has improved greatly.  Not seeing double.  Overall improvement nearly perfect.”  14 year old
“Comprehension is very good.  Overall much more positive about school related work and reading.  Generally much happier.”  8 year old
“Moved up to above grade level reading group at the end of the year.  She’s also not afraid to read bigger chapter books than before.  She feels better about reading in front of other people.”  10 year old
“No longer afraid to read out load.” 12 year old
“ Teacher has reported improvement in fluency and less errors reading.  Increasing interest in reading on own.  More willing/able to complete homework independently.”  9 year old
“A  year ago I would not have seen my son pick up a book…now I am finding him reading in his room J” 8 year old
“Her reading had gotten better. She isn’t complaining of stomach hurting as often, or acting angry and frustrated.” 9 year old
“John does writing homework independently.  He enjoys reading.  Homework is not a fight anymore.  John says he sees the words better when he reads.  He is not struggling to read.”  7 year old
“Alejandro enjoys going to school and reading – these activities were difficult to perform 8 months ago.  He can focus on tasks much longer than before.  In general, Alejandro is happier and more confident about himself.  Thank you for all the help he receives at VLCA.  It is a delight to see Alejandro with a new level of energy and enthusiasm for learning.  I no longer need to fight with him to do his homework – he takes charge and completes his homework independently.  Therapy at VLCA has indeed transformed our lives. “  10 year old
“Emily had become more fluent in reading and loves reading by herself now!  For the first time in two years she scored 100% on a spelling test.  We are delighted with her progress.”  8 year old



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